A workshop in which your soul will be revived and rejuvenated, so you can move on to happiness, joy and victory!

What is Soul Spa? A Recovery Discovery Experience for Women

It is a rejuvenation of the soul!

It is a renewing of the spirit!

It is taking your life’s journey onto a new path of happiness, joy and victory!

Soul Spa is an intensive, interactive self-care workshop in which you will discover, reflect and overcome past or present self-beliefs which may be holding you back or keeping you down.

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This is a safe place for your heart

to release the old, and be renewed!



A typical workshop is a 2-3 hour event, designed to make all participants feel special and loved. One hour programs are also available.

A non-denominational faith based version is also available.

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Special thank you to Ethel Lee-Miller of Enhanced Life Management