Dedicated to facilitating your personal and professional growth!

When we are navigating through a body of water (life), often times we don’t want to get wet, so we cross on stepping stones. Sometimes the waters are scary or treacherous, rushing quickly by; Stepping Stones can help us cross, safely to the other side (our goals and dreams), without getting swept away.

We are here to help you find those stepping stones needed to navigate through the waters of life.

Some of the stepping stones we utilize are personal/professional growth training, communication training, leadership training, keynote speeches, workshops, and 1-on-1 or group coaching.

Barb Hildenbrand is an Author, Speaker, Teacher/Trainer and Coach and is a member of the John Maxwell Team, trained by the best in the business! She has a passion to help others find success, Happiness and Joy in life.

On a personal level, Barb is a wife, mother, grandma (GrammaBabs), foster/adopt mom, and a believer in Jesus. She loves music, bright pink and anything frogs. for fun she likes to do things with family and friends, just hanging out loving on each other or camping, fishing, antiquing, and gardening.

Barb has learned that what brings her joy is seeing others succeed and reach their goals. When someone is afraid or hesitant to move forward, or do something new- even though it will enrich their life- Barb is here to cheer them on, and is thrilled to be standing there saying, “I knew you could do it! Yay for you!” Empathy being one of her strengths (according to the Strengths Finders), she will cry tears of joy with you… or sorrow, or frustration as well.

Line up those stones… Take your next step…